Autumn is finally here!

The air is crisp and the nights are drawing in,  a good sign that Autumn has finally arrived, this time of the year is my favourite but then again I am an autumn baby so I think thats where it comes from.  This is time of year is when all the school children return to school and when plans are made,  it seems sometimes to have a sense of new beginnings  and I must admit even though all my children have grown and left school I still have that feeling.  So I have been sitting down and planning the rest of the year including planning for my final show in November at Yarnporium which means looking at new colourways and old and seeing what I want and need to take with me.  The task is never easy and it has not helped as my long anticipated holiday had to be cancelled due to work commitments and although I am disappointed ( last break was March) it has given me more time to plan what I would like to do and have in the WGLY shop for Christmas - so as ever I always look for a positive in every situation. 

So instead of going away I have been spending a lot of time in my home - I am such a home bird and have I loved lighting candles in the afternoon when I have finished work and having all my fairy lights on trying to create a space that just says 'Hey come and sit and relax and create'. My husband calls my space my 'nest' as I have all my cushions and my projects surrounding me on the sofa so much so that sometimes its hard to get up to make a cuppa or to answer the door lol.  I have been trying to embrace 'Hygge' which is something that is going to feature in my November Sock Club so look out for some Hygge themed stitchmarkers in the shop soon.  I have also been trying to sort out the knitting projects that I would like to start, as a monogamous knitter I only ever have one project on my needles and a sock for travel projects so although its fabulous to finish a project it brings with it the panic of what is next!! and Im sure you agree there is sooo much out there to choose from.  My current project is the Birds of a Feather shawl by Andrew Mowry and I have 10 rows until I finish it and have to say it was a dream to knit and I will be featuring it in my next podcast - 4 months overdue - which I hope to film this week.


With planning in mind I find myself in the loft - office side today - sorting through my to do lists, I have two books one for dyeing schedule and one for all the admin.  Two years ago when I left my job I would never have envisaged that my little hobby would be an almost full time job. Today is about tidying up the online shop as so much has sold out and it looks untiday (OCD gene twitching) and  adding some new products on-line and doing my dreaded accounts as they have been 'calling to me' all week and it is stressing me out a little.   Tomorrow I will be dyeing up October Sock Club which is all the colours of autumn so cant wait for that ...

So I will sign off now and hope that you are enjoying wrapping up and wearing all your hand knits and your boots !!! yay I get to wear my boots which I love so much and all my layers - speak soon and happy knitting x   Vykky 



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