Christmas 2022 Sock Set - Christmas Cookies and Milk...


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Welcome to the WGLY Christmas Sock Set for 2022

Think warm cinnamon spiced milk ( oat milk for me) with a delicious star cookie whilst snuggled up in your chair in your comfy cozies looking out at the snowy Pine trees that surround your cabin that you are staying for the festivities  - these will be the colours in this sock 

WGLY CLASSIC SOCK SET including 20g/80m 100g 425m

WGLY CASHMERE SOCK including a classic sock mini 100g/350m plus 20g/80m mini

WGLY 50g CLASSIC SOCK SET including 20g/80m 50g 2123m

WGLY HIGHLAND Non Superwash Set - 100g 425metres - 

please note different bases take the colour differently 

this will ship w/c 5th October 

This set is inspired by the attached photo 

 Cool wash air dry recommended

Dyed in small batches and can vary from skein to skein  

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