Spring Tree Mini Embroidery Kit by The Stitchery


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This little Spring Tree is an easy and relaxing little stitch. So-called ‘mini’ simply due to the simplicity of the design, the kit has fewer stitches and fewer thread colours than my usual standalone kits. The packaging is different to the  usual kits and will be sent in a sweet little envelope; still good for gifting but a little more simple in design than usual. 

In this kit you will find a 10” square piece of linen printed centrally with the tree. You will also be given the threads and instructions on how to complete the embroidery.

You will need to have a simple sewing kit to include small, sharp, embroidery scissors, an assorted packet of embroidery/crewel needles and an embroidery hoop. The finished design is approx 2.5” square - it fits easily inside a 4” hoop (my favourite sized hoop to stitch with).

photos courtesy of Nicki Franklin at The Stitchery 

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