Yarn Care

WGLY Tonals are all dyed using the kettle technique and are dyed in batches of 3 to ensure even coverage of each skein.  

WGLY Varigated skeins are dyed in batches of 4 and are dyed in trays in an oven and are dyed using layers of colours, several in some colourways.

All WGLY yarn, tonal or varigated are dyed to exhaustion which means that I  ensure that all the dye has been absorbed into the yarn before it is rinsed the following day - I feel that by leaving them overnight the colour really has a chance to settle and absorb

The following morning I then rinse the skeins thoroughly in cold water and then give them a final soak in Soak Wash   - click here to purchase for your FO's as its gorgeous ! They are then spun to ensure all excess water is removed and then 'snapped' by hand into shape to ensure all strands of the skein are smooth and tidybefore being hung to dry overnight 

The following day I check them before skeining them up using my trusty skein twister checking them before, during and after to make sure they are perfect to be placed on the WGLY wall and eventually sent out to you.

If you are new to winding a skein of yarn using a swift 

Please click here for a fabulous tutorial on how to use a swift to wind your skein into either a cake or a ball

Please do an initial check of the skein prior to putting on your swift to ensure your yarn has not  crossed over the ties when you unwrapped the skein 

Aftercare for your projects

To ensure your beautiful garments are kept looking as good as new please always hand wash rather than machine wash ... that is our recommendation even though they can be machine washed 

Some colours may bleed due to different water PH although this is very rare due to the nature of WGLY colour pallette we hardly use any deep dark colours or neon however please feel free to swatch and test wash 

Please do not use harsh detergents on your woolens - as per the yarn label - cool wash with Soak wash or Eucalan or baby shampoo in cold water and air dry 

Happy knitting and crafting and please use #wglyyarn to showcase you projects on social media