Business as usual at WGLY but limiting post office trips to once a week when we go out for groceries as per government guidlines - Thank you so much for visiting

Yarn Care

All WGLY yarn is dyed to exhaustion ensuring that all the dye has been absorbed into the yarn it is then left overnight to cool and then it is soaked in cold water and then a final rinse in cold water and Soak wash.  

Please  take care with your finished garments and hand wash them in cool water with a gentle wash and please do not use any type of detergetn

.  To ensure your beautiful garments are kept looking fabulous please always hand wash rather than machine wash even though they are superwash – they will look fabulous for longer

Some colours may bleed due to different temperatures and water acidity levels, especially dark colours so please colour test before using and wash separately for the first few washes