My Story

I vividly remember crafting my first skein of yarn – it burst into life with rainbow colours. Since then, I've been perfecting my dyeing techniques, turning the walls of my loft into a canvas of recipes and creating a space brimming with colour and creativity. That loft, where the magic began, is still an integral part of who I am.

I've since moved to a studio that's just as beautiful and inspiring, yet the spirit of the loft, with its initial excitement and sense of discovery, hasn't left me.

My journey took a significant turn after my beloved Daddy died from cancer, it changed my entire perspective on my life and what I was doing.  It led me to realise that my true passion lay in the art of  creativity, not in teaching. Choosing this path has been a decision I have never regretted, I just wish I had done it sooner and I know my Daddy would be proud of what I am doing now and what I have acheived, if he was here he would be helping me with the dyeing or the packing of the orders...

My yarns are loved for their vintage feel, featuring soft, muted shades that draw inspiration from the past.  As a huge Jane Austen fan I infuse some of my work with the romance and charm found in her stories, nature and my surroundings often guide my colour choices

As an independent yarn dyer, I have a passion and a dedication to perfection.  I'm someone who truly puts her heart into her work, always has a skein at hand, and is forever conjuring up new ideas in my notebook.  I greatly value the connections I make with my customers, ensuring each piece of yarn is not just a product, but carry with it a  story and a testament to care and passion

Thank you for being part of the journey

♡ Vykky