Back story.....

I can still remember my first ever skein that I created – it was rainbow colouredand I can vividly recall the colours coming to life before me. Over time I’verefined the recipes, writing them across the walls of the loft and turning it intomy haven of colour and creativity. This is where the magic happens.

These days I’m no longer in the loft, I’m now in a beautiful, inspirational studio space that fills me with joy. But the loft is still a big part of my original identity –that initial passion and sense of discovery, it’s never left me.

 It was my father who inspired me to do what I love. At the time I was working in beauty and that one comment changed my perspective on everything.I knew that I no longer wanted to pursue a cosmetic beauty but an authenticbeauty that ignited passion within me – fabrics and colours, stories and texture, Ihave never looked back.

 I’m renowned for my muted colours that are uniquely elegant and my reputationfor weaving in stories of a bygone era. But above all I’m known for being thatlady of the loft – the same woman from the start, who pairs entrepreneurialpassion with unrivalled elegance, who works tirelessly to come up with newcolour combinations and create real relationships with my customers.

I’m an indie dyer, an introverted character but once you get to know me,  I’m passionate and a complete perfectionist who wears her heart on her sleeve, has a skein in her pocket and a new collection being brought to life in my studio. 

♡ Vykky