Business as usual at WGLY but limiting post office trips to once a week when we go out for groceries as per government guidlines - Thank you so much for visiting

My Story

I formed West Green Loft Yarns after I left my career in teaching and after I could not source the colours that I wanted to knit with in the industry, my preferred palette has always been muted and pastel colours and definately vintage inspired.. 

I have  always had a love of anything shabby chic and literature so I wanted to use that for inspiration for my colours, the colours I use in my dyepots  are becoming well known for their unique colour and combinations and sell out very quickly in my shop updates and I am very grateful for that.

I love to knit and crochet and use colours that soothe my soul and reflect my personality and this has really shaped the business that I run today, it is a passion of mine from getting colour inspiration from everyday life and putting them together onto the yarn and sometimes it can make literally make me squeal and i find myself so thankful that I get to do this job for me and my family 

West Green Loft Yarns is a family business I  would like to Thank you for all your support so far on this journey which means the world to me and my family.  I love how this business  changes every year and the last few years have been amazing and I  look forward to bringing you more beautiful colours in the coming months aswell as other fabulous yarn related gifts.