My Story


My name is Vykky and I am the indie dyer and owner of West Green loft yarns which I started almost 4 years ago,   I started WGLY as I could no t find the colours that I wanted to knit with, I have always loved vintage and muted colours, so  I decided to start dyeing the colours that I wanted and that has resulted in the the business that I run today. 

Running my business  consumes me 24/7 , it is a passion of mine gathering inspiration from nature and films and books and sometimes just everyday life and putting them together onto the yarn, it sometimes can make  make me squeal and i find myself so thankful that I get to do this job that I love so much - sometimes it is hard to switch off to be honest but I care about what I do and I hope this shows in each skein of yarn I produce

I have recently moved into a new studio in the West Sussex countryside which I love and this has meant that my  business is evolving still with new colour and dyeing styles plus  new bases but still keeping to my original plan of bringing a colour range which I am extremely proud of and I hope that this continues and thank you for being part of that journey 

Thanks for stopping by please enjoy and have a browse