Mallow Sashiko Circles Lingerie and wash travel bags


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Embark on a creative journey with our beginner-friendly sewing kits. They provide everything you need to dive into the world of stitching and create something truly unique. With our kits, you'll craft not just one, but two delightful bags that you'll be proud to use, knowing they were made by your own hands.

Our Sashiko Circles Embroidery Kit is an excellent introduction to the craft. The fabric is soft yet sturdy, suitable for stitching with or without a hoop. Experience that meditative, soothing stitching that brings a sense of calm. Plus, you'll discover how to embroider text onto your creations, unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

What You'll Learn
- Master the art of modern Sashiko embroidery.
- Gain confidence in Sashiko design placement – we guide you every step of the way, making it a breeze to add your personal touch

Design Freedom
Take the reins on your design – choose where to place the Sashiko circles.   The sense of accomplishment is unparalleled.

For Everyone
Whether you're new to sewing or a seasoned pro, the tranquility of slow sewing is a universal pleasure.

Eco-Friendly Essentials

Organic Cotton Reusable Gym and Travel Laundry Bags. These lightweight, eco-friendly bags are ideal for hand luggage and everyday use, crafted from all-natural materials. We prioritize sustainability, ensuring recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible.

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